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Hey What’s up guys, Hope you are doing well. My self KR and Today I have brought New CB Background HD for all of you You can use this CB Edit backgrounds to edit your photo. I am going to tell you all the things in this article, how you will use it in your photo. I am going to give you information on all the questions that you have in your mind.


About CB Background Full HD

I am going to tell you all about this first. After all, what is this CB background, why do we call it CB Editing background? So let us give you all the information about CB's background. It is made in the name of Chetan Bhor, the photo edited by him is liked by many people.

Chetan Bhor kept the short letter CB of his name on his logo. Friends, I want to tell you that Chetan Bhor is a resident of Mumbai. He has many friends whose photos he himself edits. Today he has become a brand name because of his photo-making skills. There is something different in the photo edited by him.

How To Make CB Background Free

one thing must have come to your mind that how to make such a background by yourself. If this question comes to your mind and you do not know the answer, then you must read our post. Because today I am going to tell you how you can make such background by yourself. Friends, I will tell you how to make CB background in both mobile and PC.

How To Make Cb Edit Background In Phone

You all know how expensive laptops and PCs are, most of us cannot afford to buy one. If you don't have a PC then you don't need to be disappointed, because I am going to tell you how you can make CB background in your phone. So let's know how to make such a background with the help of a phone.

First of all, you have to click on your photo. You have to click the photo in such a way that there is definitely something in the background or you can click your photo in a park. After clicking the photo, the model has to be removed from the background, you can download the retouch app on your phone to remove the model. You will get this app absolutely free on the play store.

After downloading the app from the play store, you can easily remove the model from your background with the help of that app. After removing the model, open that background in your pics art app. I don't need to tell you about PicsArt because most of you people will know about this app especially if you are an editor.

Picsart Background HD

Photo Editing Background

Movie Poster Backgrounds

What is Picsart App

Friends, if you do not know about Picsart App, then I will tell you about Pix Art in short. Pics Art is a popular photo editing app that is very beneficial for mobile, with this app you can create your photo easily on the phone. Now we know how to make a background like CB with the help of the PicsArt app.


You have to open the background in the Pix Art app from which you have removed the model, after that, you have to go into the effect and blur it. After doing this, you have to go to Tools and go to Adjust and increase the clarity of the background and your background will be ready.

How To Make Blur Background in PC

If you have a PC or laptop, then with the help of Photoshop, you can easily create a New CB background HD in it. First of all, you have to open your background in Photoshop. After that, you have to go to Filter and go to Nick Collection.

If you do not have Nick Collection in your photoshop, then you can download it from google and install it inside your photoshop. After installing, you have to modify the background and add clarity with the help of the Nik Collection. After that, your background will be created.

How To Use These Background In Phone

Friends, you can easily use all these backgrounds on your phone and laptop. You will find many apps on the phone, with the help of which you can make your own photo. If you talk to me, which app do I use more to make my photos on the phone? So my direct answer would be Pix Art App.

How can you use this background in pics art to make your photos? First of all, you have to remove the background of your photo. After removing the background, you have to use the background given by us.

So first of all you have to select the background according to your photo and apply the cut photo to that background. After adding the photo with the background, you have to do the color balance of your photo. You can use Lightroom and Snapseed app to do color balance.

How To Use Cb Edit Background In Pc

In PC, first, you remove the background of your model, you can use the selection tool to remove the background, after removing the background, you have to add the background given by us to the new layer. After that customize your model well with the background.

You can balance the color of your photo by going to camera raw in the filter so that it matches the background. After balancing the color, save the photo on your PC and you must share your photo on social networks so that more people will see and like your photo.

How To Download These Cb Backgrounds?

Now we are going to tell you how you can download CB background HD. So let us know how you can download the background given by us absolutely for free and in full HD.

First of all, click on whatever background you want to download. After clicking, that background will be visible to you completely. Afterward, you have to slide the page down a bit, there you will see a button with a download name, you have to click on it.

After clicking, you will see three sizes, small, medium, and large. Click on the resolution in which you want to download the background. As you will select the resolution, the background download will start.

Some Tips-

My advice would be that you always download the photo in large size. By which this will happen that you will get the CB Edit Background in full HD quality and you will not face any problem in photo editing.

Due to not having an HD background, our photo is not able to edit well. That's why my request is that whenever you download the background from our website, always download it in high resolution.
Thank you